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Dongguan foundry, introduction to casting related knowledge

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Casting advantages:
It can produce parts with complex shapes, especially blanks with complex cavities.
2. Wide adaptability, metal materials commonly used in industry can be cast, from a few grams to hundreds of tons.
3. Wide sources of raw materials, low prices, such as scrap steel, scrap parts, chips, etc.
4. The shape and size of the casting is very close to that of the part, which reduces the amount of cutting and belongs to non-cutting processing.
5. It is widely used. 40% to 70% of agricultural machinery and 70% to 80% of the weight of machine tools are castings.
Disadvantages of forging:
In forging production, trauma accidents are prone to occur.
Casting disadvantages:
1. The mechanical properties are not as good as forgings, such as coarse structure and many defects.
2. In sand casting, single-piece, small batch production, the labor intensity of workers is high.
3. The quality of castings is unstable, the process is many, the influencing factors are complicated, and many defects are prone to occur.
The company is a medium-sized private enterprise integrating casting and machining.
The company is located in Dikeng Village, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, and was founded in the late 1990s. Through years of technological innovation and reform, as well as the continuous accumulation of talents in casting and processing, we now have a complete machinery manufacturing organization and strong financial strength.
The company’s existing plant area is more than 18,000 square meters, fixed assets of 20 million yuan, hundreds of professional and technical personnel, 4 foundry workshops (lost foam, large parts, machine die, copper and aluminum casting), and 4 processing workshops (CNC, Oil pressure, follow-up, spray painting), sand-finishing products and processed parts can be separated. Externally, from 2009 to 10 years, the annual casting output exceeded 8,000 tons, the processing output exceeded 6,500 tons, and the tax revenue was 10,000 yuan.
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