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Dongguan Foundry Precision Casting Precision Introduction

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(1) The influence of precision casting structure: a. Casting wall thickness, large shrinkage rate, thin casting wall, small shrinkage rate. b. The free shrinkage rate is large, and the hindered shrinkage rate is small.
(2) The influence of precision casting material: a. The higher the carbon content in the material, the smaller the linear shrinkage rate, and the lower the carbon content, the greater the linear shrinkage rate. b. The casting shrinkage rate of common materials is as follows: casting shrinkage rate K=(LM-LJ)/LJ100%, LM is the cavity specification, and LJ is the casting specification. K is affected by the following reasons: wax mold K1, casting structure K2, alloy type K3, pouring temperature K4.
(3) The influence of mold making on the linear shrinkage rate of precision castings: a. The influence of wax injection temperature, wax injection pressure, and pressure holding time on the investment specifications is the most significant of the wax injection temperature. In addition, it is the wax injection pressure. Ensure that the final specifications of the investment mold will not be greatly affected after the investment mold is formed. b. The linear shrinkage rate of wax (mold) material is about 0.9-1.1%. c. When the investment mold is stored, there will be further shrinkage, and its shrinkage value is about 10% of the total shrinkage, but after 12 hours of storage, the investment mold specifications are generally stable. d. The radial shrinkage rate of the wax mold is only 30-40% of the lengthwise shrinkage rate. The wax injection temperature has a far greater influence on the free shrinkage rate than the hindered shrinkage rate (the best wax injection temperature is 57-59℃, The higher the temperature, the greater the shrinkage).
The company is a medium-sized private enterprise integrating casting and machining.
The company is located in Dikeng Village, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, and was founded in the late 1990s. Through years of technological innovation and reform, as well as the continuous accumulation of talents in casting and processing, we now have a complete machinery manufacturing organization and strong financial strength.
The company's existing plant area is more than 18,000 square meters, fixed assets of 20 million yuan, hundreds of professional and technical personnel, 4 casting workshops (lost foam, large parts, machine compression mold, copper and aluminum casting), 4 processing workshops (CNC, Oil pressure, follow-up, spray painting), sand-finishing products and processed parts can be separated. Externally, from 2009 to 10 years, the annual casting output exceeded 8,000 tons, the processing output exceeded 6,500 tons, and the tax revenue was 10,000 yuan.
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