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Dongguan Foundry How to reduce the frequent defects of castings?

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In order to make castings up to the standard of use and reduce loss and waste, defects are often repaired. Commonly used arc welding machines, resistance welding machines, cold welding machines and other maintenance equipment. For casting defects with low quality and low appearance requirements, high-heat and fast welding machines (such as arc welding machines) can be used to repair them. However, in the field of defect repair of precision castings, due to the influence of welding heat, repair will cause casting deformation, hardness reduction, blisters, local vaporization, cracking, pinholes, abrasion, scratches, undercuts, or insufficient bonding force and internal Secondary defects such as stress damage. The cold welding machine has just overcome the above shortcomings. Its advantages are mainly reflected in the small thermal shock area, the castings do not need to be preheated, warm and cold welding maintenance, so there is no deformation, undercut and residual stress, no local retaliation, and no change to the casting Metal organization state.
Therefore, the cold welder is suitable for repairing surface defects of precision castings. The range of cold welding repair is Φ1.5~Φ1.2mm. In the process of large-area defect repair, repair efficiency is the only factor restricting its wide application. For larger defects, it is recommended to use a combination of traditional welding technology and casting defect repairing machine. When choosing a cold welding machine, you should also choose equipment that is simple to operate, high welding efficiency, high strength after welding, shot blasting after welding, and does not fall off during processing. With this kind of cold welder, no traces of rework can be seen after welding, repair welding, and grinding.
The company is a medium-sized private enterprise integrating casting and machining.
The company is located in Dikeng Village, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, and was founded in the late 1990s. Through years of technological innovation and reform, as well as the continuous accumulation of talents in casting and processing, we now have a complete machinery manufacturing organization and strong financial strength.
The company’s existing plant area is more than 18,000 square meters, fixed assets of 20 million yuan, hundreds of professional and technical personnel, 4 foundry workshops (lost foam, large parts, machine die, copper and aluminum casting), and 4 processing workshops (CNC, Oil pressure, follow-up, spray painting), sand-finishing products and processed parts can be separated. Externally, from 2009 to 10 years, the annual casting output exceeded 8,000 tons, the processing output exceeded 6,500 tons, and the tax revenue was 10,000 yuan.
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