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Dongguan Foundry Knowledge Introduction to Avoid Contamination of Aluminum Castings

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The first is the high voltage and high current density impulse method. In the initial stage of anodizing, high voltage and high current shocks are used to connect the large and small "islands" originally divided by impurities into pieces through high current shocks. How to do it will not be introduced here.
The second is the surface grinding method of aluminum castings. Grinding can fill the pores of the casting with the ground aluminum powder and serve as a bridge connecting the blocks "islands" isolated by impurities. The actual effect of this method is slightly inferior to the previous one, because the polished aluminum powder sometimes does not serve as a real filling or bridge, and the fillings in some parts will be corroded and fall off during the alkaline corrosion and anodizing process.
The third is the shot peening method on the surface of aluminum castings. Before the shot blasting method was tried, the author used a round-head hammer to strike. The original intention was to close the gaps that block the "islands" by beating to achieve the purpose of connecting into pieces, and the result was remarkable. After considering that the efficiency of shot peening will be greatly improved, the effect after anodizing and dyeing is better than the above two methods. However, it is more complicated to operate.
The company is a medium-sized private enterprise integrating casting and machining.
The company is located in Dikeng Village, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, and was founded in the late 1990s. Through years of technological innovation and reform, as well as the continuous accumulation of talents in casting and processing, we now have a complete machinery manufacturing organization and strong financial strength.
The company's existing plant area is more than 18,000 square meters, fixed assets of 20 million yuan, hundreds of professional and technical personnel, 4 casting workshops (lost foam, large parts, machine compression mold, copper and aluminum casting), 4 processing workshops (CNC, Oil pressure, follow-up, spray painting), sand-finishing products and processed parts can be separated. Externally, from 2009 to 10 years, the annual casting output exceeded 8,000 tons, the processing output exceeded 6,500 tons, and the tax revenue was 10,000 yuan.
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