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Dongguan foundry heat treatment of cast aluminum alloy

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(1) Annealing: The aluminum alloy gravity casting product is heated to a certain temperature and kept for a certain period of time and then cooled to room temperature at a certain cooling rate. Through the diffusion and migration of atoms, the organization is more uniform, stable, and internal stress is eliminated, which can greatly improve the plasticity of the material, but the strength will be reduced.
(2) Solution quenching treatment: Heat the heat-treatable cast aluminum alloy material (such as A356, LM25, ZL101A, A357, ZL104, etc.) to a higher temperature and keep it for a certain period of time, so that the second phase in the material or Other soluble components are fully dissolved in the aluminum matrix to form a supersaturated solid solution, and then the supersaturated solid solution is kept to room temperature by a rapid cooling method. It is an unstable state. Because it is in a high-energy state, the solute atoms There is a possibility of precipitation. However, at this time, the plasticity of the material is high, and cold working or straightening can be carried out.
(3) Aging: After solution quenching, the aluminum alloy gravity casting parts are kept at room temperature or higher temperature for a period of time, the unstable supersaturated solid solution will be decomposed, and the second phase particles will be precipitated from the supersaturated solid solution ( Or precipitation), distributed around the α(AL) aluminum grains, and the strengthening effect is called precipitation (precipitation) strengthening.
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The company’s existing plant area is more than 18,000 square meters, fixed assets of 20 million yuan, hundreds of professional and technical personnel, 4 foundry workshops (lost foam, large parts, machine die, copper and aluminum casting), and 4 processing workshops (CNC, Oil pressure, follow-up, spray painting), sand-finishing products and processed parts can be separated. Externally, from 2009 to 10 years, the annual casting output exceeded 8,000 tons, the processing output exceeded 6,500 tons, and the tax revenue was 10,000 yuan.
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